Allan Sealy

A Winning Perspective

  A dear friend of mine sought my advice regarding an issue her 17 year old son was facing. He attended a prominent youth academy which placed him at a company to gain work experience (on a non-salaried basis). He worked as a graphic designer, creating some of the publicity needed for the firm’s marketing campaigns and events. A year after his tenure at the academy he was approached by the director of that company and asked if he would design a logo and a brochure. Apart from a promissory gesture by the director to introduce him to his contacts,...

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The Power of Choice

In life we experience all kinds of pressures that want to squeeze us into a particular mold to suit someone other than ourselves. This can come from society, your family, your peers, your place of employment or even your spouse. Even in a world with such pressures how can we be true to ourselves? The first thing you must realize is that nobody can make you do what you do not want to do. Even in the most dire of situations, where there seems to be no choice, you always have the power to choose how you want to respond....

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Facts V Feelings

Much of the conflict that takes place, especially in relationships, can be avoided when we understand the relationship between facts and feelings. Why do we tend to rely so heavily on assumptions? It is because your mind must find a meaning to what you experience. It is the meaning you derive for any given situation that creates your emotional response. Therefore it is a misconception to believe that emotions such as anger, jealousy and fear are all ‘natural’ reactions. These emotions are created by the ‘meaning’ you give to the situation. A good meaning triggers pleasurable emotions; a bad meaning...

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